All Artist/Artisan Qualifications:

Who can sell in™ Online Gallery?

1. All independent artist/artisans actually living in the U.S.A. territory.

2. All independent artist/artisans Northern neighbors in Canada.

– Territories: U.S.A. territories and all 50 U.S. States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada.

3. All independent artist/artisans serving the US Military, military dependants, or a military retiree. If you are stationed overseas, please read the requirements below.*

For Military personnel, dependants and military retirees only:

  • If you are stationed overseas, you will be required to send us a copy of your military ID card (front and back copies).
  • If you are stationed overseas, your shipping address must include one of the following locations:

            AA, Armed Forces Americas, which serves all of the Americas, (including military bases within the United States), except for Canada;

            AE, Armed Forces Europe, which serves Europe, Canada, Africa and the Middle East;

            AP, Armed Forces Pacific, which serves Asia and the Pacific.

4. All artist/artisans must be 18 years old or older to become an artist/artisan member.

– This website is a family friendly website where all visitors of all ages can feel comfortable with the website’s content, and can come to admire and view all handmade creations created by our artist/artisan members.

– If a customer place an order using our online service website, is up to the artist/artisan members to produce, ship, or verify the customer directly before sending the order out.

– For an artist/artisan member 18 is the age permitted to manage a money transaction using our website service.

– The art/crafts can be interpreted in many ways and forms of expression. We will always do our best to stay away from any pornography, nudity, or sexual expression that will offend our visitors and customers.

Important Note:

All digital or paper copies sent to us by each artist/artisan applicant will be copied, printed, and secured in your artist/artisan file foulder with us, 100% safe. No digital copy will remain active after we create your artist/artisan file.™ DO NOT transfer, sell or share artist/artisans personal information. Only the administration have access to your private information.

Requirements for all artist/artisans:

Your independent art/craft studio, your products…

– All artist/artisans must have their independent art/craft studio, or no matter if you create your art/crafts in your kitchen counter, as long as your current address is in the U.S.A or in the Canada territory, you can be part of our art/craft vendors family.

– All artist/artisans application and the images of their work/products presented when applying, will be screened (juried) to ensure your qualification as an artist member and to ensure that your work/products qualify as a “handmade” art/craft original creation.™ is not a “drop-ship company”, is not responsible for handling or shipping the products out, and is not responsible for the guidelines of the postal services used by the artist/artisans to ship their products from their current locations. Each artist/artisan is fully responsible for the shipping costs and must follow the Postal Services administrative “Restrictions and Guidelines” when sending their products to their customers from their home or studio. Military, military dependent or military retirees artist/artisans stationed overseas usually have the privilege of using the USPS located in the US Embassy facilities where they are stationed or assigned.™ reserves the right to refuse any applicant or application that does not include the artist/artisan contact information and shipping/mailing address as part of their contact/profile.™ reserves the right to cancel any membership if the artist/artisans do not comply and respect our guidelines and business practices and their artist/artisan agreement when applying to enroll with us. This website is and will ONLY be used to promote the artist/artisans work and their art and crafts businesses, and to promote and advertise the website service.™ do not discriminate against race, religion, ethnicity, or gender.™ is not affiliated to any political agenda. Our main focus 24/7 is to promote our artist/artisans and our website service.

– To protect the integrity and santity of the main purpose of this online service, we respect and do not support any political affiliation or any political matter.

– Our main purpose with this website is to promote the Beautiful art/crafts created by the talented hands of the U.S.A. artist/artisans, and to help the artist/artisans to grow their handmade business online and printed by campaigns, advertising, and marketing.

– We expect from all artist/artisans to maintain their artist/artisans gallery with us extrictly for the selling of your art/crafts handmade products only.

–™ respects every artist/artisans personal life, believes, opinions or philosophy.

–™ expects the artist/artisan members to respect the main purpose of this website and their membeship, and we expects the artist/artisans to not post or use this website or their membership with us to promote in any way any bias or political matters. For this purpose there are many social media outlets online where anyone can use to express their political views.

Let’s grow together as a team!


All Artists/artisans Requirements to enroll:

Because we believe in the professional quality art/craft work of all American artist/artisans ALL WORK AND APPLICATION MUST BE ENTERED INTO EVALUATION (Screening process).

What we need to start?

1.  Your full name. (This is your personal identification name).

2. Your current shipping and mailing address. (This address will be used by™ to contact you, send you correspondance, notifications, and promotions via mail. This address will remain private in your artist/artisan member record with us).

3. Complete and send the artist/artisan application.

2.  One image of yourself, and one image of your business logo or banner. (It can be an image of you working at your studio or a portrait).

These images can be send via email after the application is sent to us.

3. About 4-6 images of your work, your art and crafts item/products.

These images can be send via email, or you can tell us in your application if you have a website or a website page where we can view your item/products online.

4. Your email address. This will be your vendor member user name. This email address can NOT be changed. 

(This is the email address where all notifications, new inquiries, all communication will take place with us). are sent such as new ordersthat will appear in your artist/artisan gallery profile and pages for everyone to see). All artist/artisan galleries will be indentified with this email address as a “vendor”. Your personal name will also be seen and used in your gallery to promote you as an artist/artisan.

For example: “Turquoise Necklace” created by US Artist, MaryG



This email address is very important, because, this email address will be used by™ to contact you, send you correspondance, notifications, and promotions. 

These information must be accessible for all customers, and for us to send you any correspondence, and keep any further communication during your membership with us electronically or by mail.

We recommend you create an email address specifically for your artist/artisan gallery, this way you don’t have your personal emails mixed with your business emails. To create this email address, you can use Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, etc., just to mention some.



5. An active Business or Premier account with

– The PayPal account must be active, current, and confirmed by PayPal.

– The PayPal account email address must be current and active at all times.

– All your orders will be processed using PayPal. Your selling profits will go directly into your’s account.

– The artists/artisan are totally responsible to comply with all’s guidelines and their account requisites.

6. Your’s email address. (This email address will be connected to your artist/artisan shopping cart. This email can be or should be different from the email address you will use for your membership with us)

7. Your website’s URL address if any. (If you have a website, it will be easier to view and copy your products for evaluation. Also, will be able to start faster creating your artist/artisan’s gallery)


Note: Your membership will not be approved until you have an active account created with If you don’t have a PayPal account active, your orders can not be processed and your shopping cart will not be working.

Very Important:™ will not be responsible for the account email address that is not current and active. If you receive an order and your PayPal account information is not current or active, the order may get lost, and you will need to complete the order directly with the buyer/customer.

To prevent any issues, an unsatisfactory order, a controversy with a buyer/customer against you or your art/craft business, we required that it is a MUST to maintain your account membership with us current and your account up to date and active at all times.

All orders should be fulfill accordingly to the items/products description and specifications, and the images posted for each particular item/product should be and must be exacly as described and presented to the buyer/customer. If a buyer/customer is not happy or satisfied with the order or with any of the items/products, the artist/artisan will be totally responsible for any refunds and/or warranties directly with the buyer/customer to complete the order satisfactorily.

When screening your artist/artisans work for enrollment, our screening team uses the following criteria:

  • The art/craft work MUST be an original handmade creation, piece of art by the artist/artisan.
  • The art/craft work must exhibit creativity, originality and medium and technical mastery.
  • The art/craft work MUST NOT be copies of another artist’s work.
  • For all art/craft work, the products must be made from the artist/artisan home business or art studio located in the territories of United States or Canada.
  • All art/craft work must express the product category, the medium or technique used by itself. e.g. crochet, wooden, wearable, stationery, etc.
  • NO commercial or pre-fabricated products are accepted. All work MUST be made by the artist/artisans hands.

More information may be given if necessary once you are enrolled with™