for deciding to enroll as an Artist/Artisan, and for your interest in becoming an Artist/Artisan Vendor Member of™ online gallery.

The™ main website is an exclusive online gallery for artists/artisans residents of U.S.A. as the website name clearly specify, and for our artists/artisans neighbors in Canada. You can also apply if you are a US Military or a military family member stationed overseas. All artist and studios must be located in the U.S.A. territories or Canada.


Please, read carefully the following agreement.

This agreement is between the Artist/Artisan Vendor and™ ONLY.

1. The purpose of this agreement is to maintain a professional relationship between the vendor (artist/artisan) and the web-service offered by™.

2.™ has the commitment  to create beautiful galleries and offer great quality of service for the artists/artisans businesses,  maintain a healthy relationship with the artists/artisans, but also and very important to offer the best quality of handmade products to the buyers/customers.

3. For these reasons, the artists/artisans will enter into a screening process during the enrollment. This process is simple, but necessary and with great importance to encourage the artist/artisan members to maintain a professional reputation as an artist/artisan,  to protect their “image or face” in the art/craft community and industry. Also, the artist/artisan products should represent in the best way possible and  in all means their Art/Craft businesses, their imagination, talent, creativity, professionalism, knowledge and expertise of the medium or technique utilized.

4.™ assures the artist/artisan members that all transactions are made in a professional manner through our online gallery, our invoice transactions, and by using our very important and prestigious online business partner PayPal, Inc.

5. The™ Online Gallery, WILL NOT accept, under any circumstances, that any artist/artisan member copy the work of other artist/artisan.

6.™ reserves the right to cancel at any time the membership of any artist/artisan if this situation where to occur.

If the artist/artisan membership is canceled because of this matter, the membership WILL NOT be renewed, and the artist/artisan will lose any future opportunity to become an artist/artisan of™.

7.™ respects and is commited to giving a major importance value to the original thoughts, ideas, creativity, talent and the businesses of each artist/artisan member when cunducting business in the™ Online Gallery.

But for this to be possible, each artist/artisan member should protect themselves.  Be responsible of their own business documentation, licenses, permits, taxes, business and  copyright rights of their creations, their business name, and policies.

8.™ WILL NOT interfere in any sale controversy between the artist/artisan member and their buyers/customers, unless is strictly neccessary.

9. To prevent any future problem with an order or a buyer/customer, the artist/artisan MUST specify in detail all business practices in their artist gallery. i.e. sizes, colors, dimensions, availability, production turn-around time, shipping options, additional charge for shipping/handling of a product, etc.

10. Each artist/artisan MUST protect their sales and orders. For this to happen, the artist/artisan can include different images of the same product in different angles, this way the buyer/customer can view the product details and read the specifications before purchasing the item.

For this to happen, the artist/artisan can include for each product page different images of the same product in different angles, this way the buyer/customer can view the product details and read the specifications before purchasing the item.

11. The artist/artisan MUST also offer a type of refund or waranty for their products in case a buyer/customer is not satisfied with the product or the order received.™ WILL NOT offer any type of waranty for the artist/artisan products or service, if the artist/artisan encounters an unsatisfied customer.

12. The artist/artisan MUST contact, attend and work directly with the buyer/customer in a professional manner, and respectful at all times until the order is completely fulfilled and proceced.

13. The artist/artisan is resonsible to provide the best customer service practices, maintain a positive business relationship with the buyer/customer, be responsible for keeping a positive feedback and reviews in the artist/artisan gallery, and to maintain a good quality of images to present their handmade products, and to continue to follow the “handmade” term intact when creating, producing their art/crafts items.

14. The general public and the buyers/customers must understand that our artists are professionals, and they must expect the products and the ordering process to be within the websites standards, requirements, terms, and expectations.

15. The artist/artisan will always maintain a current contact information, email address, mailing/shipping addresses and phone number(s) with™.

16. The artist/artisan PayPal account and PayPal email address MUST be current and updated at all times and as necessary directly with your account with PayPal, Inc. for processing your orders and payments purposes.

17. If the artist/artisan do not maintain their PayPal account current and updated,™ IS NOT responsible for any transaction blocked or lost by PayPal, Inc.

18. We suggest that you verify frequently your email address registered by you when you created your PayPal account in case you receive a request by PayPal, Inc.

19.™ WILL NOT have access or control of your PayPal account in any way. We only need your PayPal account email address to re-direct and to make the electronic transfer of your remaining profits to your PayPal account once an order is paid by a buyer/customer.

20. As Artists ourselves,™ Online Gallery enjoys giving the artist/artisan the opportunity to grow as an artist/artisan and also as an art/craft business owner that represents our nation and communities.

21.™ expect your complete commitment and respect to the™ Online Gallery and the website service offered, and expects the same with your co-artists/artisans that also share this web space with you.



Regarding of Privacy:

Your privacy is very important to us. We take very seriously and have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of the website and your membership and personal information. We guarantee you the artist/artisan member that™ is a secure web-space for your art/crafts business.

The artist/artisan member can freely chose to share their gallery content with their social media accounts at their own risk.

As part of our advertisement programs,™ will also promote the artists/artisans, their products, and the web-service in our social media accounts created by our design department, but we WILL NOT use the artist/artisan personal information as a “backstage money maker” by selling your personal profile to any external company.

When submitting the application to become an artist/artisan of™, YOU AGREE to comply with all artist/artisan qualifications and requirements, and also accept all statements mentioned in this agreement for the best and professional status of the website service and for the best interests of the artists/artisans.™ will use your artist/artisan information to respond to you, contact you, regarding the reason you contacted us.™, reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason, not fully meeting our qualifications and requirements to be an artist/artisan in™.™ does not sell, rent, transfers or shares the information from our artist/artisan members, their images or galleries internally to any third  party outside our organization…NEVER!™ does not discriminate anyone because of race, skin color, religion, or political affiliation.



The’s website and our design department create many promotional printed products during the yearly campaigns to promote the Artist/Artisans and their products, the website and web-service.

1. As an artist member, you are giving to™ and our Online Gallery the right, permission and privilege of using and copying any of the images posted in your gallery and pages of the™ Online Gallery website, to advertise and promote the website, the website service, the artists/artisans, and the artists/artisans handmade products. Your images will be used ONLY for marketing/advertisement purposes.

2.™ will select images from any of the artists/artisans to advertise the website, the website service and the artist/artisan members. All artists/artisans will have the opportunity to be part of our marketing/advertisement program and printed products. This participation is at no cost to the artist/artisan member.

3. If for any reason the artist/artisan decides to cancel their membership with™, the artist/artisan will permit, accept and understand that™ has to continue using the existing printed products until the printed products are totally and fully distributed or until the new promotional products are created for a campaign.

4. As a positive feedback from us for being part of our artist/artisan members team, the artist/artisan member will receive FREE advertisement until the printed products are totally and fully distributed by™.

5. will create more advertising programs for the artists to advertise their creations and products, having in mind our first priority…

The Artists/Artisans and their creations, our Buyers and Customers!