Artists FAQ

Artists/Artisans Frequently Asked Questions: (Please read carefully)

I’m starting my art/craft business as an “Emerging Artist”, can I be an artist/artisan of

  • Sure you can! We all started somehow and it will be a pleasure to help your business grow

Do I need a professional artist studio as a requirement to produce my art/crafts?

  • Noooo. You can be using your dinner table to create art if that is the space you have.
  • Art/crafts sometimes emerge from the simple things and remote spaces, it’s up to you how you create them and how your imagination is posted in the piece of art

What is the membership fee to become an artist/artisan in 

  • No start up fee
  • No monthly membership fee
  • No listing fees
  • No commission fees
  • No waiting to be paid…You are paid immediately once a customer place and pay an order!
  • Just 5% of each item/products that sells

Can I sell commercial products?

  • NO. is ONLY for art/craft created by artists/artisans with their own hands and in their own studios
  • Some materials are “commercial” type, but should be use only to produce the art/craft final work from the artist/artisan
  • We want to grant and value the hard work of our artists/artisans
  • We prefer to maintain the website as is represented in the website’s name: “AmericanHandmadeCrafts”, no commercial art

Why is my work and products screened?

  • All artist/artisan work/items/products must be screened for professional website purposes
  • Because we required to ALL Art/Craft work/items/products to be created by the artist/artisan
  • All work/items/products must be what we call “HANDMADE”

What criteria is used for the screening process?

  • Because we require that ALL items/products in the website must be classified as “Handmade” by the artists/artisans, according with our “Artist Qualifications”
  • We need to verify that the materials used to create the items/products qualify
  • The items/products process of creation must also qualify according with our “Product Requirements” guidelines

Please read on the bottom of this page , What materials, items/products are prohibited.

Once my work/items/products are screened, may I add to my gallery more work/items/products that I create?

  • Of course, that is the advantage of being part of
  • You will have access as a “Vendor” to manage your items/products and fulfill your gallery with your beautiful “HANDMADE” creations
  • As long as your items/products are handmade, no problem!

Is there a limit of items/products that I can sell?

  • To start a gallery, All Artists/Artisans Galleries accounts must have a minimum of 6-8 items/products for sale
  • Once you have a gallery, you can have as many items/products you can create, but try to maintain a minimum of 6-8 items/products on display
  • Remember, to ALWAYS follow the “Products Requirements”

Is there any other charges, fees or expenses as an artist/artisan in

  • Yes, but very affordable for the artist/artisans and it is optional to participate
  • The “Artists Showcase” section  requires a minimum charge  if an artist/artisan wanted to participate and receive extra exposure in the advertisement web sections
  • This extra fees are displayed in detail once you are enrolled with us and are invoiced separately from the 5% items/products sell
  • Many other advertising sections will be displayed soon!

What control will I have over my work/items/products?

  • The artists/artisans will maintain their items/products with them at all times
  • Once you receive an order you are responsible to create and ship the order out from your studio directly to the customer

How and where should I submit my Artist/Artisan business information, bio, contact information, etc?

  • When filling the application to become an artist/artisan of, try to give us as much information as possible and as clearly as possible. This way we can complete your gallery start up faster, and without the need to call you with a lot of questions
  • Remember, fill the application as it is your gallery front page

What is the control regarding Usernames, Account names, Business names, Usage, Squatting and Reserved rights?

  • All domains, URLs, sub-domains, account names, usernames and other functional or identifying elements of the site are the property of reserves the right to change, alter, reformat or edit such elements as appropriate for the course of business or needs of the community determine.
  • Reselling of usernames or sub-domains, squatting or speculating in such elements or on such pages is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of all related accounts.

What do you mean with “Quality of Images”?

  • Images must be professionally presented, neat, clean…
  • Please go to “Quality of Images” page for complete information

Can I load a video on my Artist Profile Page showing how I make my artwork?

  • Yes you can. Once you enrolled, you will learn how to posted on your gallery

If I set the price, what do I receive from when a work is sold?

  • Once an order is placed by a customer/buyer using our shopping cart, your 5% artist/artisan fee will be automatically deducted from the order total and your 95% profit will be immediately deposited in your PayPal account


Am I reimbursed for packing costs?

  • No. The artists/artisans are totally responsible for the shipping charges, and must estimate the shipping cost for their customers/buyers

How the shipping costs are covered?

  • The artists/artisans are responsible to purchasing their own shipping/handling products to ship their items/products
  • All items/products you have available for sale must include the shipping costs for each particular item/product
  • The artists/artisans understand better what is required to ship and protect their items/products for the customer to receive what they order and expect the proper protection of the items/products value
  • does not interfere in the shipping process of the items/products of an artist/artisan

What happens if a customer returns my work?
What happens when a customer orders my work?
Can I also be an artist/artisan of your wholesale website

  • NO. Before applying, the artists/artisans must seriously decide how they prefer to sell, at retail or at wholesale
  • The main reason is, because the Retailers (brick and mortar store and business owners) don’t like to compete with their own suppliers, it’s just not right, and we must respect this wholesale business “ethical rule” with the wholesale artists/artisans and Retailers that share the website
  • If after you have read all this questions have made the desition to sell at wholesale, please visit our website at:

I have decided to sell at wholesale instead, are the selling fees the same as the website?

  • No. The membership fees are totally different and higher, and the functionality is totally different from this website because of the nature of the “wholesale business”

If I have difficulty managing my gallery, is there someone to help me?

  • Sure. Just email us and we will contact you right away to help you

What materials and items/products are prohibited?

  • An exact copy of another Art/Craft Art Design from other artists/artisans in the website or in other media
  • Manufactured Molds
  • Firearms, create items/products for firearms
  • Explosives
  • Dangerous Chemicals
  • Any item that which in whole or in part is subject to a recall
  • Fireworks
  • Adult material, sex, erotica, or pornography inclusive of any material unsuitable for children under the age of 13
  • Drugs, create any item/product for the use, carriage, and/or manufacture
  • Alcohol, create any item/product for the use, carriage, and/or manufacture
  • Tobacco, create any item/product for the use, carriage, and/or manufacture
  • Mass produced electronics
  • Protected antiquities
  • Ivory or animal products from endangered species collected illegally
  • Items that violates the “Artist/Artisan Product Qualifications”
  • Any item or service that violates applicable local, state, federal, or international law in regard to manufacturing, distributing, advertising, or transporting said item
  • Items not in your possession or items you don’t intend to deliver
  • “Drop-ship” Terms and Services
  • Illegal, counterfeit or contraband items of any sort
  • Items, materials or products that are copyrighted, trademarked or patented by another party, artist/artisan or commercial
  • Pirated materials
  • Replica items, including designer items
  • Personal data or information
  • Items or products that carry or transmit hidden code or signals with the intention of causing harm or tracking personal or transitional information of any sort
  • Misrepresented items/products
  • Harmful, harassing, intimidating or defamatory materials, items or products
  • Hazardous materials, items, or products
  • Prostitution or other similar services
  • Any item/product or service that determines to be inappropriate, harmful, fraudulent, or illegal
  • Mature items intended for adults due to language or imagery that falls outside of the traditional acceptable standards of what is Art

Why should I choose the over other art and crafts web sites?

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