US Artist, Michael Powers, Clearwater Cabin Living


Clearwater Cabin Living

Artist, Michael Powers

Artist #: 02510

Products: Handmade, hand-crafted Lamp Shades, Lamps, Candles, Votive Candle Holders, Stone Lamps, Wall coat/jacket Rack Holders.

Categories: Western, Lodging Cabin Living Decor


Maria’s Creations

Artist, Maria Delucca

Artist #: 02511

Products: Handmade and crafted Jewelry, Crochet, Needlework

Categories: Jewelry, Gemstones, Crystals


Ruth’s Place

Artist, Ruth Barbery

Artist #: 02512

Products: Handmade and crafted Jewelry, One of a kind designs (OOAK) Categories: Jewelry, Precious Stones, Gemstones, Crystals, OOAK Designs


MJ Crafts Design Studio

Artist, Mary Gonzalez

Artist #: 02513

Products: Handmade and crafted Polymer Clay Creations, Bookmarks, Stationery, Jewelry, Paper Boxes and Frames, Paper Clips, Key Clains, and more.

Categories: Jewelry Gems, Crystals OOAK Designs

Flower Handmade Paper Card - Peach


Cards ByMe

Artist, Gloria Stevan

Artist #: 02517

Products: Handmade and crafted cards for all occasion. Frabric, Needlecraft.

Categories: Fabric art, Needlecraft, Stationery




Artist, Marcy Thomas

Artist #: 02522

Products: Handmade and crafted Wearable Art,  Scarfs, Blankets, Home decor.

Categories: Fabric art, Needlecraft